Private Guitar Lessons:

In your home or mine I'm offering weekly guitar lessons for all ages beginner to intermediate! 

I learned to play guitar at 12 years of age. My father, a guitar player/singer taught me a few chords and off I went on my musical journey. I had a strong urge to learn but we were financially struggling at that time so lessons were out of the question. 

Since I learned through the technical school of hard knocks, I feel I have developed an easy way for children and adults alike to learn to play songs, be confident and enjoy their results soon after they've started! 

With technology today I know it's super easy to pull up a video online but the results are not nearly as good as hands on training. I can teach you step by step as a beginner how to play with or without reading music. As an intermediate player I can show you how to craft a song, help you figure out how to play a song that may be giving you trouble or even help you learn how to play with a band! 

At 17 years old I performed my first professional paid gig and in the same year was able to have been the opening act for the "Violent Femmes" at "The Chance Theater" in Poughkeepsie with my former rock band "Maria's Basement". I'm now 38 years old, have written over 100 songs, shared the stage with over 20 national acts and I'm still writing, recording and performing consistently.

On this site you will find rates covering as many scenarios as I can think of with discounts! Make it family time to learn as a group and save money while doing it!   

If you call and I'm not suited to teach you at level I have developed relationships with many other guitar teachers that will work for me and teach you what you would like to know!  

For pricing scroll down on this page and give me a call to work out the details! 


Per Lesson:

  • $30 ~ Half hour
  • $55 ~ One hour 

Monthly Rates: 

  • $100 ~ Half hour for 4 -5 lessons
  • $200 ~ One hour 4 -5 lessons

Family Rates: 

  • $60 ~ One hour lesson for two people
  • $20 ~ per person added to the group
  • Monthly rates vary to how many people will be part of the lesson

~ Travel Prices change with distance ~


(845) 787-6189